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Our last creation NOTES EN TRANSES. MUsical and visual show, still at the cutting edges of the creativity....

 Doublesprit has still created the event during the fence of the summer season in Haute-Loire in The Domain of Melussac on September 2nd and 3rd, 2016. Marc Joseph SIGAUD retrieved again the scenic creation, and faced to a particularly difficult exercise, to stage Fabrice Eulry's musical one-man show and his crazy piano, propped up in the millimeter, but widely improvised for reasons of interactivity with the public. The stake was to leave all its place to the artist without distorting him bringing everything another dimension. He remembered itself of what had very well worked during the creation of the virtual set on the scene of the opera of Nancy for the Alcina de Haendel: the off-camera. He has created a live virtual set interactive large format videoprojected on the main battisse, a mix of video mapping, cinematographics old extracts digitaly retreated and a digital visual novelties stemming from developments of his Ukrainian partner. With a new platform of generation of image...
The picture interacts with the music, the pianist interacts with the live visuals and the whole interacts with the audience. Rhytmes insane virtuosos, feelings and bestialities, transversalité musical and visual, and generosities of the artists... All the ingredients were gathered for the success.
The public and all the local cultural and institutional personalities among whom Mr and Mrs prefect of the Haute-Loire were all enthralled. The show closed with an incredible interpretation of Georgia in tribute to Ray Charles. Marc joseph staged a virtual feminine presence in a editing outside the usual codes, magnifying the evolution of the emotion of the woman face, in counterpoint to the live pianist in the center of the scene. The incredible occurred during the musical harmonic rise by the pianist,  which seems to never ended anymore and transported all the audience at the heart of its own guts.

Finally ended by a general audience's ovation.

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Bluffant  !  Le personnage virtuel réaliste interpelle en direct le public de vos événementiels, show, espace muséographique.

Nous sommes les spécialistes de la mise en scène de personnages célèbres, historiques virtuels en 3D en direct.

Créer un personnage virtuel réaliste nécessite un double savoir-faire en direction d'acteur, en mise en scène et une excellente connaissance technique. Un art délicat que nous avons acquis par l'expérience ( Reveal Airbus A380 - Spectacles interactifs Jeanne d'Arc...).

Nous vous informerons sur les diverses possibilités de mise en scène sur vos expositions, vos spectacles, vos showrooms et dans vos scénographies.

Vidéo d'une discussion live entre une actrice virtuelle et un personnage réel,  

L'actrice virtuelle est interprétée en direct par une actrice réelle  ( capture faciale par système kinect )

 Démo privée en nos locaux sur demande à

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