interactives applications

In interactives applications and digital media :  technologies of real time imagery make it possible to create a wide range of  animations. Their form is diverting or teaching. Our creativity and experiment enable us to propose interactive solution very powerful. Dare the innovation, astonish, charm, surprise! We are specialized in interactive production in a real space and on the Internet. We use the interactive technologies most adapted to your needs: virtual reality, increased reality, character virtual realisticinteractive show mapping,  virtual reality, increased reality, character virtual realists, show mapping interactive, digital media. We use technologies as the motion capture, beacon, Oculus helmets, software of games Unity, Unreal engine, Kinect … etc. The 3D Realtime HIgh end software developments and the intégrations are overseen by Sergey Solokhin, talented integrator and 3d interactive codewritter.

We are also proud to have a partnership with Alesko et Duckygames , each of them spécialists in 2d 3d realtime game development

Field  of application

  • Event – objective’s communication of  company  Show (interactive Mapping)
  • Experiments of virtualuniverses per immersion 360°
  • Experiments of increased realities
  • Museography Design of interactives space and  virtual guides.
  • Scenography New alive visual spaces
  • Digital marketing and communication – Any digital medias


Our creative potential in traditional creationcommunication associated with the production of media‘s interaction is our specificity.


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Example  interactive game show foe corporate event

Application interactive demo. Corporate Events from DOUBLESPRIT