To direct, produce your communication’s objectives by creating a playfull experience in which your audience is invited to interact with the “MARQUE”


A interactive application designed regards your objectives plan. We design a global set based onto augmented reality,  immersion ‘s concepts or show mapping like


EXEMPLE   for a incentive on Vimeo.

A quiz, teams in confrontations, real participants , moderators liven up the game or the show.
After the briefing of the employees on the novelties of the Brand, the participants of the seminar are invited for a coktail. A game broadcasted on big screen, is proposed to them. The teams have to associate keywords of the new communication with visual identifiers appropriate to every novelty. Keywords arrive randomly in the image, they have to re-position them on the good logo ( the good application domain). Groups of players are organized, their scores of success or failure displays as one goes along. And the decision-making time decreases gradually during the intensifying game difficulties.

Your audience plays, participates, with your communication contents. A quizz, a game, a show for  player’s groups, real moderatorsTechnical:

  • Realtime software application
  • Sensors
  • Videoprojectors mapping software
  • Real set design