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A crazy pianist at Cussac sur Loire


© France 3 Auvergne He treats the piano at the same time as a virtuoso of the music and as a humorist

Virtuoso of the piano, Fabrice Eulry is not in his first first attempt there. It has been 15 years since he handles the piano and each of histouches in the perfection, with a point of humor. Far from the classical music, he revisits French classics in this show ” Notes in trances “.

At the end of 2005 he had made the bet crazy to play during 24 hours without stopping in front of his public with no more than 5 minutes of break every 6 hours. An example among others of the madness of the pianist.
Fabrice Eurly occurs even on Saturday evening at 9 pm in the domain of the board to Cussac-sur-Loire

We nickname him the crazy pianist, Fabrice Eulry is a regular customer of the Parisian large rooms of show but yesterday evening the showman played in the court of a farm renovated, lost in the depths of the wild gorges of the Loire.

A way of rebooster its show(entertainment) which he plays for 15 years and develops ceaselessly.

Report: Elodie Brot-Monnier, Sylvie Françoise and Gilles Malfray

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