Attention to managers and Consultants. In the domain of museography, history, architecture, event and entertainment. 

The real new “Interactive” applications are each unique. That’s their main force.

Because each of these run by software, they need their own development. Each has its objective, target, methodology and environment production.

A long time ago production’s managers used to buy hardware plateforms. Now it’s different. We buy software machines. 

If you really want to invest in innovative creations, you have to fully invest in something that does’nt exist.  Yes, it could be a problem to communicate  with your clients or collaborators  in prospect phase, but it’s the challenge. 

It’s definitely recommended to investigate these new interactive concepts if you want to be in with the new audiences’s generations.

The “list to do – plan” needs support of experts and consultants like we are.

How can we support your needs : 

by responding to some of these questions : 

  • Are you ready to push aside your habits, clichés…
  • Are you ready to invest in a shared reflexion with us?
  • Do you believe in innovation to develop your activities?
  • Can you trust into specialists?  how to be not abused by gadgets ?  
  • Do you beleive in “transversal” experience creative director? 
  • Do you understand that these new interactive experiences needs also traditional theater inspirations?

If yes, we can support you to  success in production of cutting edges experiences.