présentateur virtuel du reveal airbus A380


The virtual Moderator for the reveal Airbus A380 was co-presented by a virtual symbolic character.

The direction of this Virtual Moderator for the reveal Airbus A380 was entrusted to Marc Joseph Sigaud from Parques majeures, at present entitled Doublesprit.

Frédéric Bault was the director of creation at Eurorscg c&o Event.  He wished a symbolic character. It was dared. The virtual presenter was at that time at the beginning of his emancipation. It was necessary to accompany this REVEAl A380 Airbus of a friendly presence taken out of a myth. The idea of a virtual presenter was very fast imperative. The event owed of mythical creature. We worked on several models. Frédéric Bault thought from the beginning of fantastic characters. A virtual presenter of the reveal Airbus A380 stood out. The idea of a wise person was held. The Elysee had the eye on everything. It had a right to inspect up to our virtual character. The technical directors of the event seemed perplexed on the live broadcast during the ceremony. The wise person (virtual presenter of the reveal Airbus A380) was recorded in safety during the rehearsals. In the end it was broadcast live. We had doubled our technical installation to warn any risks. We could commute from a platform to the other one without loss of synchronization. The adventure was a real challenge. The presence of four European président of state put the very high helm. We made a success of this mission in hardly three months. Marc Joseph Sigaud is a creative warns in technology. His experience and creativity have us driving licence this project in its success. The team of manufacturing was particularly talented. Today we design an extremely realistic character. The technology of the engines of real-time games have so much progressed. Today we envisage an offer on the market of the museography. We thank you for viewing the testimonial video created about this virtual moderator of the reveal Airbus A380. Although it dates little, it remains a good testimony.
Agence: Eurorscg c&o Event

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Le présentateur virtuel du reveal airbus A380


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