Attention of museums, exhibition’s managers , communication’s directors.

We have new tools ready to be helpfull for any creative ideas.  Museo Virtual Educational Moderator.

We can enlarge, renew  exhibitions  differently than existing ones, or complemantary.

Lets be creative, In, moderne. Most of the tricks used by entertainment industry can be used in museum applications.


  • Imagine  ” to prepare visitors ”  before an exhibition ?  
  • Imagine how interesting it would be to collect reactions of visitors after an exhibition’s visit. For example a virtual entity looking like a  human or  unreal with training objectives. 
  • Imagine to extend scenography from reality to online.


Two  concepts : 

1 – A interactif summary of an exhibition: 

The preparation entrance sas.  An interactive installation in a coridor, to immerse the visitor into the univers of the exposition, as a teaser effect, usefull to feel better what he will experiment,  like a book’s summary.  ( interactive audiovisual based system ).  It could be the place in time to tease childrens to plan the exposition like a game, like a discovery journey with objectives to solve..

2 -a  A interactive epilog moderated by a virtual entity ( human or fantastic) U :

In a room , or a auditorium …

A “intermediary” virtual entity as moderator. who exhanges with the visitors. A confirmed approach in order to let them more free to act, to speak , to react better  than with a real person.

It appears videoprojected in a virtual interactive set. It is played by a real person, a member of the museum staff, why not, hidden, with visual ans soundly access with visitors in the room. 

  • We define with you your objectives regards the customs of your structure ( content, target … ) 
  • We create the appropriate entity according the theme of exhibition.  
  • The virtual puppet is simple to play. Someone of the staff who has a minimum potential of moderator, acts in a space where various sensors capture his face expressions, voice and body movements. He can ear  and watch the visitors. He can speak with them  live, in the frame of a existing script.
  • No needs of specific skills for your staff to manage this equipment. 

2-b A end visit interactive room :  adapted for children and or adults.

It gives the possibility to evaluate your exhibitions, to bring more informations to your visitor and to bring complementary informations difficult to direct sometimes  in a exhibition.

Examples :   thanks to understand that it’s the concepts to remind :  

Jeanne d'Arc | InteractionHere, Joan od Arc dialogue with the audience in live ( historic sound and light show ) at  Vaucouleurs  ( France . Meuse ) 

pingouin-aquarium-show16b4Here a virtual videoprojected penguoin  exhange ith children in a auditorium. 

Technical Equipment :

  • A graphic computer
  • Software
  • Sensors

Support online or on site