Spectacle musical et visuel Notes en Transes Marc Joseph Sigaud s'exprime sur sa nouvelle co-créatio n avec le pianiste Fabrice Eulry

Notes en Transes – musical and visual show 2016

Musical and visual interactive show in a wide live videoset

A co-direction par two unclassified artists Marc Joseph Sigaud ( director and visual designer) and Fabrice Eulry ( pianiste) 


Notes en Transes spectacle musical et visuel Marc Joseph Sigaud nouvelle co-création avec le pianiste Fabrice Eulry

 Presented at the Domain de Melussac in Haute-Loire, France,  on September 2nd, 2016 honored by the presence of Mr. Éric Maire (Prefect of the department) and his wife as well as the major institutional actors of the cultural life of the urban area of the Volcanic hill in Velay.

A entertainment with monumental dimension in which the pictures interact with the pianist, who he even requests and interacts with the public.

1:20 hour of big never seen, breathtaking show.

A unanimous ovation!

Distribution open Programming: turners, agents and broadcasters, thank you for contacting at live@doublesprit.com


Fabrice Eulry



A surprising "Marseillaise" french national anthem

A series of boogies-woogies staggering

Bach how you have never understood him !

Charles Trenet's enjoyment marked with very deadpan humor there

Georgia of an intense emotion with a deeply moving harmonious rise …

And many other surprises still …
Improvisations on big theme of the French songs
New Orleans - Ragtime...
Fabrice Eulry is a complete artist who allies the rhythmic and harmonious virtuosity to actor's game play.
His very subtle musical humor is printed by a big "Buster Keaton "theatricality  ..
An rare one-man  show!

Listen to and see all his(her,its) news  > Website Fabrice Eulry 

Fabrice Eulry invité par Philippe Bouvard Chez Drucker.

Le marathon de Fabrice Eulry au Petit Journal Montparnasse

  • Le Figaro - Le Chopin du Boogie-woogie ...
  • Le Parisien - Ce pianiste est infatigable...
  • La Dépêche du Midi - Un phénomène cet Eulry… De la dynamite en barre montée sur une paire de ressorts… Le talent à l’état pur… Un phenomène qu’on vous dit
  • NiceMatin - Captant l’énergie du public au point de l’en vider de tout son potentiel d’applaudissement...
  • Centre Presse - C’est la quatrième dimension qui s’ouvre quand il s’installe à son piano : le monde extérieur n’existe ni pour lui ni pour l’auditoire...
  • Marie-Claire - Un sens inné du rythme et de l’improvisation...


Press Extracts Fabrice Eulry

  • Le Figaro - Chopin of Boogie-woogie ...
  • Le Parisien - this pianist is untiredable...
  • La Dépêche du Midi - Un phenomenon this Eulry…Some dynamite in bar taken up on a pair of spring … The talent at the pure state … A phenomenon that we tell you
  • NiceMatin - pushing the energy of the public to the point to empty it of all its potential of applause...
  • Centre Presse - the fourth dimension which opens when he settles down in his piano: the outside world does not exist either for him or for the public...
  • Marie-Claire - An innate sense of the rhythm and the improvisation ...


Fabrice Eulry, Iggy pop et Ayo

liens vers nos prestataires

DJM sonorisation 

   Nous recommandons DJ.M,  prestataire très qualifié sur le territoire du Velay  43-Haute-Loire. Bonne écoute et bon accompagnement . 




A new tourist accommodation Authentic-Chic Style offer, associated to ranges of factual services top of the range (reception, conference rooms, wedding, event etc.) and gastronomic products farmers home-made, in a natural site protected of 50 hectares beside the Loire river, from the Le puy en Velay city,
4 associated young people: Lionel and Sébastien Sigaud, William Valette and Vincent Mourier, of domaine de La Planche de Melussac, realise their ambitions measured in the service of the development of their region, at the heart of the lands of Velay.
Particularly dynamic, they innovate with a targeted, varied cultural offer and a top of the range, international in local.


Domaine la planche de Melussac
Domaine la planche de Melussac
Domaine la planche de Melussac
Domaine la planche de Melussac