Alesko  ALESKO

Our company is working in the field of web development since 2007. Over the years of working we have got the great experience and good understanding of the Internet technologies.
During this time we have created a team of skilled specialists. We see ourselves as real professionals and actually confirm high level of our skills.
We offer the highest quality services. The success of our work lies in the fact that we bring any order to the end and we are assigned to work the most responsible and serious. You can see many examples in the “Resolutions” section. Also you can look at our works for our clients in the “Clients” section.
We have taken the strong position in the field of web development and have many plans for the future. We will continuously develop ourselves to become the best in this business.

DUCKYGAMES  DUCKYGAMES : Interactive 2D 3D  game application for Show et Mobile

Ducky Games is a french development Studio created in 2015 by Samy Badache and Antoine Carouge.
Based in Paris, Ducky Games creates videogames and applications for mobile, iOS, Android, PC and Web.
Our skills: conception, Game Design, production 2D/3D, Animation,
mobile Development , Online / Store.



DYNAMIXYZ – Rennes – Facial Mocap design

Eisko logo


– Realistic 3d modelisation and animation

Home - Xsens 3D motion tracking

Motion capture systems design


modulo-pi MODULO   Mediaserver and mapping Software  “Modulo”      VIDEMUS  Mediaserver and mapping software  “Watchout”


PHASE4  Audiovisuals and entertainment technologies and facilities