Our event’s services:

  • live show direction
  • Choreographies
  • Video
  • Show Mapping
  • 360°
  • Interactives applications
  •  Interactives Scénographies
  • Fashion show

Assistance, brainstorming, analysis, creatives and technical proposals according to objectives, Interactive application development, inovative proposal and developments.

Skills :

pencil script writing | conception
120px-Director_chair_iconGlobal direction | art direction
7888486danse-moderne-png choreography
iconsineed-eye-128 show mapping  | 3D visualisation and realtime 360°
imgres Videoprojection scenography design
imgres Direction of audiovisuals prerecorded or interactive live, AV, 3D, SFX, Motion Design
images  Interactive application design
imgres dDigital content design
visage_trois_dimensions  live realistic virtual character
visage_trois_dimensions INteractive showroom
visage_trois_dimensions fashion show